13 Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Although some genetic factors are related, it turns out that everything we do is capable of impacting our skin, both positively and negatively.
But the good news is that there are some daily habits that help keep your skin healthy and consequently beautiful. Want to know how? Check out 13 tips on how to have beautiful and healthy skin here.

1. Use sunscreen on your face daily

One of the most important tips for having beautiful and healthy skin is to use sunscreen every day. This is because the sun causes premature aging, leads to the formation of spots and contributes to the development of skin cancer.

Therefore, it is essential to apply sunscreen every day when you wake up and throughout the day. Even if you are indoors, as artificial lights, such as lamps and electronic device screens, also harm the skin.

The ideal is to use sunscreen with factor 30 or higher and, especially if you are exposed to the sun or at very hot times, reapplication should be done every 2 hours.

2. Always moisturize your body skin after bathing

Hot water and bath soap eliminate natural skin fat, causing it to lose water and become resected. However, by using a moisturizer right after showering, your skin will be soft, glowing and protected from breakouts.

If you want even deeper hydration, make sure you do this process while your skin is still damp.

3. Know your skin type

One of the biggest problems people face with their skin is because they don’t use specific products for their skin type. And that’s because they just don’t know what it is.

Choosing the wrong product can cause adverse effects or cause irritation and allergies. For example, if a person with oily skin uses a moisturizer for dry skin, acne is likely to break out.

There are four skin types:

  • Combination skin: Aloe vera products are best for this type of skin, as they remove oil without leaving the skin dry.
  • Oily skin: tends to acne and therefore needs special care. Sulfur or green tea based products usually do very well with this skin type.
  • Dry skin: hydration should be doubled in these cases, with products based on honey, milk and oats being the most suitable.
  • Normal skin: it is the most relaxed when it comes to choosing products and they are generally neutral and with some moisturizing agents.

4. Drink water regularly

Most of our body is made up of water, which is essential for various reactions in the body. One of the processes it is part of is skin regeneration and maintenance, ensuring tissue health.

That way, don’t forget to drink water to ensure more beautiful and healthier skin.

5. Never sleep with makeup on

Despite being something very common for people to do, sleeping with makeup on is a bad habit that should be eliminated immediately from your routine.

Turns out makeup obstructs pores accumulates dead cells, which increases the emergence of acne, carnations, resection and premature aging, plus allergies. Also, during the night the skin absorbs more nutrients. So don’t forget to remove all makeup before bed and then apply skin care products so they are better absorbed.

6. Respect the time and frequency of use of the products

It is extremely important to follow your dermatologist’s recommendations regarding the time and frequency of using the products.

For example, it is recommended to apply moisturizer daily. This means that using it once a week or every 2 days will not generate the desired effects.

Likewise, if you are undergoing acne treatment, using the acid more often than recommended could harm your skin.

7. Be careful with homemade masks

Currently, what we see most are people teaching how to make a homemade mask on the internet. But you have to be careful, as non-industrialized exfoliating particles are sharp and can end up hurting. On the other hand, in industrialized products, exfoliants are rounded, precisely so as not to harm the skin.

Still, there is the possibility of developing allergies or irritations and, as a consequence, staining the skin, as most homemade masks are made from fruits, seeds and grains.

8. Clean the skin when necessary

The main benefit of skin cleansing is that it helps remove dead cells that are on the surface layer of the skin. In addition, it balances the pH of the epidermis, leaving the skin firmer, hydrated and elastic.

But, attention! It must be done by a qualified professional and was made to help your skin’s health and not to harm it.

9. Rest and manage stress

Sleep is restorative in every way, especially when it comes to the skin, as it promotes cell renewal and oxygenation, in addition to being when products have better absorption.

Therefore, experts indicate at least 8 hours of sleep so that the skin can recover from the aggressions of the day. Thus, it prevents premature aging.

Another point is stress. Dark circles don’t just appear with sleepless nights, but also when we’re constantly under stress. Therefore, it is essential to rest and relax to avoid premature aging.

10. Take care of food

That phrase: you are what you eat, could not serve better. Your diet directly affects your entire body, including your skin. Did you know that there are foods that help fight inflammation, prevent premature aging and contribute to cell renewal?

Therefore, it is important to acquire a balanced diet, with a variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts and greens, rich in fiber and vitamins. See the foods that bring the most benefits to your skin’s health:

  • Red fruits (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.): rich in vitamin C and cyanidin, which are substances that prevent premature aging of the skin, excess oiliness and the formation of acne.
  • Pineapple: anti-inflammatory that fights acne and allergies;
  • Carrot: revitalizes the skin because it is rich in lipoic acid;
  • Salmon: rich in vitamin D and omega-3, which help prevent skin cancer by fighting the disorderly growth of cells.

11. Avoid excessive alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking are bad habits to achieve healthy and beautiful skin. This is because alcohol dehydrates the body and stimulates the production of free radicals. In addition, it deprives the skin of nutrients and vitamins (especially vitamin C), accelerating the aging process.

Smoking, on the other hand, is responsible for accelerating the appearance of signs of aging and stimulates sagging, acting to reduce blood flow. Also, smoking makes manifestations of autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis more frequent, causing spots and marks to become more present and visible on the skin.

12. Do not squeeze blackheads and pimples

If you’ve been to a dermatologist, he’s probably already told you that. Squeezing carnations and pimples does not eliminate the problem, quite the contrary, it ends up worsening the inflammation.

With this, the ideal is to stick firmly to the treatment stipulated by your doctor and avoid manipulating the injuries.

13. Start taking care of yourself today

The sooner you start taking care of your skin, the easier it will be. Until the age of 20 to 25, the main concern is hydration and sunscreen. From the age of 25, you start using products to fight free radicals and aging, such as supplements, acids and antioxidants.

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