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12 habits of super healthy people

If you are looking to become a healthier person, learn about the main habits that need to be inserted into your routine. Have breakfast Breakfast is...

13 Tips for Nail Care

When talking about taking care of nails, we automatically think about going to the manicure. But it's something far beyond always wearing nail polish...

13 Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Although some genetic factors are related, it turns out that everything we do is capable of impacting our skin, both positively and negatively.But the...

14 health benefits of kombucha

Of Chinese origin, Kombucha is a natural and carbonated probiotic, made from fermentation by yeast and bacteria, which are good for health, from black...

Anxiety and Weight Gain: Is There a Link?

Overweight and obesity are issues that must be treated in a multidisciplinary way, due to their complexity. Most of the time, due importance is...

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