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Credit card: everything you need to know about

When you need to make a purchase or pay a bill, credit cards can offer both convenience and the potential to save money if...

How to choose a credit card?

The best credit cards on the market offer several benefits, such as lengthy promotional APRs on purchases or balance transfers, big sign-up bonuses and...

COVID-19 kept credit card applications depressed for a year

When the pandemic hit, the number of Americans credit card applications drastically reduced, such as with mortgages and auto loans. But the recovery for...

Adding rent payments to your credit report could help lift your credit score

Paying your rent on time not only makes your landlord happy, but also improves your credit score. Several research studies have found that positive...

Student credit, debit and mobile payment statistics

Credit cards make our lives easier in many ways. For instance, credit card is an excellent student payment method for purchases and to build...

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