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Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard®

Launched in 2020, the Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard® aims to give you competitive cashback across all categories, regardless of what you’re spending on

Card details

Annual fee: $192.60

Card Flag: Mastercard

Type of card: Cash back

Minimum Income: $30,000

Card benefits

  • First year fee waived for Main and two (2) Supplementary Cards
  • 1.6% cash back on your spend
  • No minimum spend required and no cap on cash back earned
  • Cash back earned does not expire
  • Get deals and discounts locally & in 95 other countries
  • Turn your big purchases into small payments
  • Convert your credit card statement retail balance into installments
  • Instant cash to get things done right away

For whom this card is recommended

This card is good for individuals looking for a straightforward and fuss-free credit card with a simple cash rebate redemption system.

If you don’t like to worry about minimum spending requirements or fussing over eligible spending categories or merchants, and enjoy modest cashback for every dollar spent, you need to get this card.

Furthermore, people will use Citi Cash Back+ Card for both daily spending and big purchases.

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